voting day

As the governments put people under pressure, and as they do, they also learn new tricks. They learn how to walk that tight line, to manipulate and trick the various populations. When, and they will cross the line causing revolution, but not till they feel, that they can win, and supress the people: leaving us helpless They pass new statutes; and call them laws: but they are not laws, nor are they always lawful; and often contradictory.

Very often, they are unlawful to the level of being criminal. It becomes more obvious every day, but who is taking any notice. You either know it: not know it: or don’t want to know it, but you must by this late hour, aware within whatever state you live in. People are being carried off in handcuffs, for demonstrating. as seen on R.T.T.V this Am 2/2/16: All this for just lawfully trying to maintain the ownership of their homes and land. It’s happening everywhere: and the nets are tightening. Now we have two choices; they are either revolution against government abuses, or wait. The longer you wait, the tighter their grip; and the less chance of winning.

Some yeas ago the Pilgrims Society, headed by Queen Elizabeth II, decided to reduce the world population by 75% or close to it. So off went Blair and bush, and started the Iraqi war. They appeared to have simply got it wrong. Or did they? We now have half the world at war over religion; and we all know the best way to start a war, is to place two religions together in the same place, and sit back. Many of you will have wondered why they are making such a mess of handling the middle eastern wars, and now they are becoming more localized. Why leave the Saudi government in power? There has been plenty of reason, time, and opportunity to remove them. Why eliminate others, not half as bad as them. Their President is a trouble maker; who doesn’t care about his people, but he fits their needs.

All our assets are being sold off to privately owned corporations: and politicians are getting rich on the proceeds. We all know that politicians are all liars; and tell you whatever they want you to believe. Not actually know: but believe. So they use religion to ensure that you carry on thinking that what you only believe has some great value. Well it has, to them, but not to you. When you vote; draw a line down, and through all the candidates’ names, and write below it “NONE OF THESE”. To not vote, allows them to assume, that they have your mandate. When you do this and photograph the form, after drawing your line, or arrow; they cannot claim your mandate. The trickery they indulge in, in order to con: need to be neutralized. So this is the way to go. Use their own tricks against them. But remember that they have the police, army, and control over all the money. They also decide what is legal and what is not, but the law takes precedent; and no one in practice, can change it. Unless we let them.

All the time you hear about what the people believe in. Why? Why not what he people actually know. The problem: and the greatest weapon against you, is lack of fact. Facts, that you’re not allowed to know. After all who controls education, media etc. You, the state, or the church; and who controls them and I such manner us? The bankers do; and they are all privately owned, limited liability corporations. They take no responsibility through liability law for their actions, as they have shown here in Ireland. Voting time is here, so don’t forget. If you don’t vote; your mandate will be assumed. If you use the “None of these” you can tell them to go to hell; and there is little they can do about it, apart from lock us up; and they can’t lock us all up. We are a country with a government. They see it the other way round: as a government with a country. You will soon own nothing, not even yourself. It’s possible that it’s already gone too far; and don’t forget who owns the government. Not you; but the bankers. So either get off your backside, and help, or suffer the consequences. We will be reduced to a nation of slaves. Think about it. Believe or don’t believe,
bob crosbie

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