Drug addiction

Watching Al-Jazeera this morning 4/2/16. They are on about addictions. Whose to blame, and who isn’t? How is it defined etc. Doctors are prescribing opiates for back pain; and all sorts of pain problems. The part that is missed: is doctors work on ten per cent knowledge; and ninety percent belief. Blind belief, in what the drug companies research tells them, is factual. But it isn’t! The drug company’s interests, start, and end, with selling drugs: so when you get hooked, they make more money. Your life is ruined, all because you got hurt working or have a problem: and they get rich from your misery. If you’re disabled: you’re a scrounger; and not to be touched, in case it’s catching. You pay insurance all your working life, for to cover you during such occasions, but you’re still a useless scrounger. Drug companies do nearly all the research; and the medical collages get funded by them; and so follow the money monkey.

We have reached a level, where we can no longer trust doctors. It’ not their fault, as all they know, is what they are taught; and when research is directed solely to make money: regardless of any harm down; then the blame lies firmly on the shoulders of the drug company’s bosses. These are Limited Liability corporations, with wealth beyond belief; and so can apparently do as they please. You pay.

Governments get funding from them, directly, or by proxy from the bankers, who hold large interests, through other limited liability companies that they also own. It’s like a pigs bed: all chopped up and screwed around. A tangled mess. So they can play legal games for years. There are about seventeen very wealthy families involved; and they call it business.

What do you call it, when people’s lives are ruined; and often lost, while they sport themselves on their huge private yachts, gained by legalised fraud; and fuelled by pure greed. Should you come close to one of them, you’re rushed away; you scum. But who is scum? Them or you? Whose life have you deliberately, and knowingly, harmed for money: or any other excuse? The ordinary man, and woman, in the street, crate the money that they covet for themselves. Your only importance is to be used to generate money, for them. Often working under poor; and, or unhealthy conditions. If you don’t do it, you will starve. They will see to it. If you speak, they will destroy your life without conscience. They appear to have reached a level of conceit, that they believe themselves to be above reproach. But that’s what absolute power does. It commits every crime in the book; hides behind the money, and remains safe. How much longer will such safety serve them, when the people wake up. Or will we wake up, perhaps too late. Let someone else do it; and we will just sit back, get the benefits if any; and complain. Think about it,

bob crosbie

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