The future if any

Such people as the pilgrim society, the Bilderberg group. and their ruling seven man committee, decided to reduce the population of the world by 70%. They now want it reduced to 80% over the next three generations. To try to do it to quickly, would be too obvious. They will now do it a little more slowly, but they will however give it their best. And how can thy hope to get away with it? Simple; you get Muslims fighting each; and all other religious group fighting each other. Look at the middle east? Whose god is the real God, has caused wars for thousands of years while God and gods remain obviously immaginery, still countless of millions of deaths have been suffered in the history of all nations, So, all you have to do, is light the tape, and stand back. It’s firworknight, every night.. The Elite then stand back looking innocent, with clean hands. In The Way we are trying to get together in groups, in order to protect each. other, in times coming at us. Everyone appears to afraid to join us, in case the loose their imaginery souls. Fear of hell and the loss heaven. We are not a cult or religious group, but we have been around for thousands of years. most of the problem appears to be the need for belief. To beieve is only to hope, What we have is real. Look about you: this is not prophesy it’s real and it;s coming at you. bob crosbie

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