The letters and articles on this website are in response to different news stories from around the globe. I have personally been writing and sending letters for years on various subjects that have been raised.

As we have stated many times, free speech is really dead. The powers that be don’t argue.  They don’t even respond in any way.  It’s a great way to make sure that nobody can hear you and pretend that we don’t exist.  Free speech means that as long as you support the status quo and don’t rock their boat you can say as you like.  However if you have anything to say that proves them wrong or affects their beliefs, then, like all other realities, you don’t exist. It’s a case of slide it down your trouser leg, then shake it about till you lose it.

It’s long past time to name and shame anyone who behaves in such a manner.  Expose unfairness and deliberate injustice.  Hopefully this website will give some place for people with something that they consider important; a place to air their problems, and hopefully give them a platform to achieve justice and fair play. It is for those who are up against that blank wall, erected by those in some power of one kind or another, be it Government, police, Health Service, or anything that affects the life of the individual in any type or kind of adverse manner. Both can have their say, so let’s see what happens.

Bob Crosbie and The Daily Gripe team